Is there anything natural, and over the counter, that can be taken other than medications to control low thyroid?


The long and short of it, is that you can have low thyroid function for one of several different reason. First reason is that there may be a pituitary problem in the hypothalamus, however unlikely.

The second reason may be primary hypothyroidism, which is far more likely.

Third reason may be autoimmune, which means your bland is kicking out enough thyroid hormone, but it just doesn’t work due to antibodies.

The fourth reason may be functional hypothyroidism, meaning you are probably what they call “EU thyroid sick.” That means that you are producing enough thyroid hormone, but it is ineffective because you may be deficient in other hormones as well, most commonly cortisol. However, it could be testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, or insulin imbalance.

To answer your question, you first have to know why you are hypothyroid. After you know that, you know what to do. If it is a matter of production, you might be able to solve the issue by taking tyrosine. If you lived in Africa, you might find yourself being Iodine deficient, and restoring trace amounts of Iodine would fix the problem.

In this country, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is auto-immune. it is characterized by low temperature, difficulties with concentration, depression, and various metabolic changes.

As you get older, other hormonal issues tend to develop, which leads to functional hypothyroidism. It is more likely than not, by the age of 50, that you are going to have thyroid issues, whether it is that of production, auto-immunity, or functionality.

To treat it, you need to replace that which is missing. In this country, in order to replace thyroid hormone, it takes a prescription. The one that I prefer is called Nature-Throid. It is family owned pharmaceutical company in Phoenix. If you need thyroid replacement, Nature-Throid is the one that I use, and it is about the only one I prescribe.

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