Arthritis; Copper Sleeve; Pain Relief


Do copper sleeves truly work for arthritis pain?


Here is an interesting fact about copper—People used to take things like pennies made out of copper and tape them to the joints, and it would give them some relief.

Copper will be absorbed through the skin in a sufficient enough dosage to act as an anti-inflammatory. So the answer is yes.

Unfortunately, there is not much real metallic copper in pennies anymore, so you cannot tape whatever you want to your skin and expect results, unless it happens to be an old penny. Old wheat cents are useful for this.

The copper sleeve does very much the same thing. There are people out there that swear by them. They’re expensive, but I think a wheat cent would do the same thing.

What I have people do when I think they are copper deficient, is advise them to use 1 to 2 milligrams of chelated copper. It is very inexpensive. You could treat somebody for 5 or 6 years for what they charge for those copper sleeves. If you want to try a copper sleeve, it could work, but taking it orally does the same thing for less money.

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