My wife has been on Crohn’s Disease and has been on Doxycycline. Do you have any other suggestions?


The tetracyclines are wonderful for autoimmune disorders. When you have things like Crohn’s Disease, chemicals that act as tumor necrotic factor alpha antagonists, like Doxycycline, it will cause the inflammation to diminish. Not because it is an antibiotic, but because it is also an anti-inflammatory.

There are a couple of other things you can do as well. Look for other TNF-A ant-agonists. The best of which is curcumin. I would not necessarily go to the box stores because the products there are not usually high quality.

A good quality curcumin dosage, 500-700 mg twice daily, will settle down many autoimmune disorders.

What else does curcumin do? It reduces your risk of breast cancer to men and women. What is the problem with curcumin? It stains, so if you put the capsules in your pocket between doses, you can expect to have a yellow pocket and it is not going to come out.

What else do you want to do with Crohn’s disease? “Topical CLA.” How do you get a topical agent to the colon? You take it by mouth. When something does not get absorbed, it will act topically. A thousand milligrams, three times daily, is the proper CLA dosage for this issue.

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