High Dose Folic Acid


Is it true that high dose Folic Acid actually dissolves plaque in the arteries?


A 5000 microgram dosage level on a daily basis, and even higher, up to 10,000 mcg, actually reverses placing in the arteries. You can measure this through the elasticity of the arterial walls. What is interesting about this is that you will actually lower cholesterol levels as well by using Folic Acid.

There are other aspects about Folic Acid that make it quite useful. One of which is that Folate is thought to have cryoprotective effects on the brain, and may prevent the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as conditions associated with cognitive decline.

Oddly enough, 1000 mcg of Folic Acid can only be obtained by prescription, but the 5000 mg dosage is legally available without a prescription. It makes little to no sense, but yes, it will actually reverses placing in the arteries.

It takes about 6 weeks to be able to measure and quantify the specific cardioprotective effects of taking high dose Folic Acid. I have been taking 5000 mcg for 7 or 8 years. My father, who passed away at 92, was taking it for 15 years. His cholesterol was under 150 and he did not take anything else. When using only high dose Folic Acid, my cholesterol typically runs in the 130s, despite the fact that I eat a quarter of a pound (or more) of cheese per day.

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