In response to a posted question:

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is rather controversial for a number of
reasons. The body sees HGH during certain times of growth and
maturation and it seems smaller levels during REM sleep.

There are persons who sue HGH to enhance muscle mass and in 'anti-aging' endeavors.

In some venues, HGH is currently being used to increase muscle tone,
and this is dangerous on many levels. In particular, the effects on the
heart are worrisome and will likely be found to shorten life-span. We
see 'unexplained deaths' in highly successful athletes and it is highly
possible that HGH is contributory to early cardiac death.

The effect on bone growth can cause cosmetic problems, as well.
Enlargement of the frontal bones in the face cause a characteristic
facial appearance in persons who use HGH.

There are other ways to deal with anti-aging. Hormone balance should be
directed at restoring levels and ratios that are found at early
adulthood ranges. By emulating hormone states that are normal at
earlier ages is far better strategy than to try to improve on nature.

Pushing for levels that are outside of those that are found in nature can be dangerous business, indeed.

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