Well, after years of procrastination, delay and denial, I have finally agreed to invest the time and effort into sharing ‘tricks of the trade’ that your doctor may not have shared with you.   In all fairness, your doctor probably did not have all of the data to share with you, or, more likely, you spend your medical visits in the company of the nurse practitioner of physician’s assistant, while the doctor is elsewhere, ‘supervising.’

It was not the doctor’s fault that he or she is forced to practice this way, but the reality is simple:  The government and the insurance industry has forced the medical industry to ‘package to price.’  The same thing happened to the nickle (and dime) candy bar.  As economic pressures pushed the price up, at certain break-points, the candy bar shrunk in size.

  • in the medical industry, the shrinkage first occurred in time spent with patients,
  • more patients per hour,
  • then, treat several patients at once, using physician extenders,
  • finally, see the extender, damn the doctor.

As the profession found itself going down the tubes, the quality of the domestic medical school applicant diminished, and now we find ourselves wondering:  “where did all of the good doctors go?”

It is obvious, in most parts of the country, that you are putting your life in your hands when you are admitted to the hospital.  Due to the ever-increasing administrative demands, many of the better doctors have abandoned hospital practice. The hospitals have been forced to hire physicians trained abroad (language barrier is now an interesting challenge) and hospital related deaths/errors/disasters has increased tremendously.

Take home message: “Take preventative health very seriously.  It may be your only defense against medical/hospital incompetence.”

The purpose of this blog will be to share interventions that the public can perform in the effort to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy.


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