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Focus on Pain Center of Orlando
Peter Reilly

Chronic pain is the symptom that your body is out of balance. At the Pain Center of Orlando, Dr. David Klein works to restore hormonal and nutritional balance as well as to relieve pain.

He has helped many headache, hand-, foot- and back-pain sufferers regain their health, taking great satisfaction in curing those who have sought treatment elsewhere and haven’t found relief.

“I want to see the patients who are not satisfied with their care, those who have not found relief elsewhere,” he says from his Longwood office, the walls of which are lined with bookcases and decorated with models of antique cars and motorcycles. “I want the ones who are not getting better. I want to see the patients that no one else can figure out.”

With prior training and experience as an analytical chemist, and with nearly 30 years of clinical experience in medicine, a specialty in anesthesiology and with the subspecialty of pain medicine, Dr. Klein, a Longwood resident, is prepared to diagnose and deal with just about any pain-related disorder. He spent seven years as a Navy physician and five years in the Air Force as a flight surgeon, both on active reserve.

Dr. Klein earned his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, surgical internship at University of North Carolina, and residency at Duke University. He has served on the clinical teaching faculties of Ohio State University, the National Naval Medical Center, and Portsmouth Naval Hospital, as well as on many editorial review boards for medical journals.

Certified by five medical boards, the doctor has given countless lectures, invented several medical products, and has been published more than 100 times.

With a resume like that you’d think Dr. Klein would be part of a large assembly-line practice with a big staff of nurses and physician’s assistants, but the decorated Gulf War veteran is a sole practitioner who doesn’t rush through visits or overbook appointments.

“There are no physician assistants or nurses in this office,” he says. “I see every patient, every visit, every time.” In fact, Dr. Klein feels that the only way to correctly diagnose what’s wrong is to spend a lot of time with each patient. Pain medicine is one of the most complicated and detail-oriented specialties in medicine.

“You have to look at the entire person to find the cause of his or her pain, or lack of sleep, or whatever the symptom happens to be,” he says.

His practice attracts patients from all over the country, with some coming from as far away as Europe and China. He has treated everyone from diabetics with nerve pain to colitis sufferers with cramping using his unique approach. In addition to traditional treatments, he finds that many pain sufferers are helped with nutritional supplements and hormone replacement therapy.

“Two-thirds of what I do is actually hormone replacement and nutrition,” says Dr. Klein, who was the reserve flight surgeon to the VIP squadron at Andrews AFB under President Reagan. “When you provide the appropriate nutritional intervention, you may need some prescription medications, but you need far less than are traditionally prescribed to get the job done.”

Dr. Klein believes that many chronic ailments result because people are overweight, but undernourished. Americans take in more than enough calories, but don’t get enough of the right vitamins and minerals. The minerals, in particular, are lacking in what we eat. To deal with this, he offers a line of very specific and focused nutritional products through his practice. “One size does not fit all,” he says.

Lifestyle, age, and genetics can also knock a person’s endocrine system out of whack, causing hormones like testosterone, estrogen, insulin and cortisol to become unbalanced.

“You begin with these common health problems,” he says. “But you can correct them with bio-identical hormone replacement, but it must be done precisely and properly. The safety of my patients is most important. I’m here for one reason, to help them get better. (For more information on this subject, check out Dr. Klein’s column on page 92.)

About David S Klein, MD 149 Articles
David S. Klein, MD, FACA, FACPM was born in Washington, DC, and was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Maryland with degrees in Chemistry and Psychology. Medical School was completed at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, followed by Internship in General Surgery at the University of North Carolina and Residency in Anesthesiology at the Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Dr Klein has been practicing medicine since 1983, concentrating in Pain Medicine, Minimally Invasive Medicine and Surgery, and Neuroendocrinology. Earning Board Certification in Anesthesiology, Dr. Klein was elected Fellow in the American College of Anesthesiology, and he was elected Fellow in the American College of Pain Medicine. He is currently an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, School of Medicine. He has focused his private practice on treating patients with hormone imbalance issues, nutritional deficiency related medical problems as well as pain related issues and impairment. With a highly-complex, CLIA licensed laboratory in-house, he has been able to provide rapid-turn around analysis efficiently and cost-effectively. Lecturing extensively nationally as well as internationally, Dr. Klein has authored many articles on topics relating to pain, injury and nutritionally modulated illness. His radio show, “Pain Free Living,” received top ratings during the 6 years it was on the air. Currently practicing in Longwood, Florida, Dr. Klein practices entirely in the office setting.