I have a high estradiol level, and a low testosterone level. 158 and 328, respectively. I have not been receiving any testosterone products thus far. What is happening, and how can I fix it?


To fix this is simple. To treat this issue, we would give you transdermal testosterone to bring that hormone level up. In the testosterone transdermal, I would add something called chrysin and progesterone. The reason for that is these aromatase and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors block the degradation of testosterone to estradiol. Then, in the meantime, I would start you on an oral medication called anastrozole, and that will further block the degradation of testosterone to estradiol.

Why would you end up this way? An enzyme, called aromatase, reduces testosterone to estradiol. Something peculiar is going on with your degradation of testosterone to estradiol.
The other thing you can do is increase your excretion of the estradiol. This is really easy. We do it using a combination of silymarin and curcumin. Silymarin is milk thistle, and it causes the gall bladder to excrete these estrogen esters into your small bowel. Along with that, you take something called insoluble fiber, taken as capsules, or you can get fiber bars. It doesn’t really matter. Then the estradiol and cholesterol will adhere to the insoluble fiber, and it goes out with the bowel.

The fix is simple: you just have to block aromatase. This is not big deal. This is neuroendocrine 101.

In summary, I would be focusing on two things. One, the excretion of the estradiol, and the other one is blocking the degradation.

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