Menstrual Cramps – New Treatment Approach

Yesterday, my medical office assistant was bent over with menstrual cramps. While it was painful for her to stand up straight, her boss (me) was unsympathetic and did not send her home to recover.

Being a resourceful and somewhat problem-focused person, I thought to try something a little different.

I used the Kinkease MSM ointment that we have been promoting for skeletal pain, and rubbed about 1/4 tsp of this over her abdomen, from the lower rib cage margin to the inguinal area.

The pain completely abated after 20 minutes and she was able to function for the entire day without pain. When returning the next day (today) she was still pain free.

I had anticipated the duration of analgesia to be 20 minutes or so, but it lasted considerably longer, although I am uncertain as to why.

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