I have had nail fungus for over 15 years. I’ve tried the Lamicil, Sporanox, and now I’m on Jublia. Will that help?


It may or may not. One of the problems with nail fungus is that it is difficult to cure. Typically, what I like to do, is put people on oral anti-fungals, starting with Diflucan. It is taken on a daily basis. If it is in the great nail of the toe, which can take a year on the medication, if it’s on the smaller toes it will take as much as six months, you have to use another anti-fungal along with it.

And I put people on something called ‘grapefruit seed extract,” or GSE. You take this once or twice a day, for the rest of your life, and it keeps the fungus under control. You paint the nail with something called tea tree oil, which is a topical anti-fungal, and you should be able to get rid of it completely.

That being said, in order for the nail to heal, it has to grow out. One of the things that keeps the nail from growing out is hypothyroidism. What you need to do is you need is be checked for thyroid disease. If your thyroid function is on the low side, you need to treat it.

If the nails fail to grow out, the infection remains in your system. The body’s main defense for fungus infections is nail growth.

“Got to grow, or it won’t go.”

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