I have been diagnosed with neuropathy and I am taking Venlafaxine 75 ms 3 times a day for neuropathic. But Venlafaxine is used for mood disorders. Why am I taking this medication?


It is called an “Anti-Depressant,” and it is an SNRI, or selective serotonin norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor. Is it really good for neuropathy? No, it is much better as an anti-depressant, and there are better things to take for neuropathy, if in fact it is neuropathy.

Lyrica is dos an interesting medication, and one of few medications that is truly effective for diabetic neuropathy.

The starting dosage in my practice is 50 milligrams of Lyrica at bedtime. Then, we typically bump it to 75 milligrams at bedtime. What else can you add to the lyrics to make it work a little better?

What is often helpful is the addition of Baclofen. It is also a wonderful anti-convulsant, but it works in conjunction with the calcium channel blockers, and the GABA acting agents.

The Venlafaxine is hard to get on, harder to get off, and I tell you what, it would not be the place I would start. Then, if you want to go naturally, which is not a bad thing, you can start with something called Alpha Lipoid Acid, 1,500 to 2,000 mg once daily, along with GABA 500 mg three times daily.

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