You can train your body to do good things and you can train it to do bad things. There are good habits, and there are bad. Sleep habits are sometimes called sleep hygiene.

The very first thing you do, is start with the kids, and train them to not to watch television in bed. When it’s bed time it’s bed time. The cellphone was one of the worst inventions ever. That’s guaranteed to make our kids stupider and sicker. The cellphone has to be taken out of the bedroom and turned off.

Every time that little beep goes off, it awakens the child. It deprives them of their sleep. They will not perform well. They will not think well and they tend to develop other emotional issues. The cellphones must be taken out of the bedroom.

Nightlights have to go because the body reacts to light with certain hormonal changes. The light must go out. We must train ourselves to be like chickens and roosters. You never read in bed, you don’t watch the tube in bed, and you certainly don’t keep your cellphones in bed.

The body soon learns that when you lie down, out go the lights. When it’s bed time, and there should be a time for bed, which may be 9:00, might be 9:30, might 10:00, might be 8:00. Whatever it takes to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep.

You still need the same 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 hours as you age. The difference is that as we get sicker, the norm changes, and the goal post changes not so much because of what we need but because of who we become.