The Many Health Benefits of Bergamot Supplementation

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Bergamot (A Versatile Fruit) Bergamot, Citrus bergamia, is a citrus plant and a member of the Rutaceae family. A hybrid of lemon and bitter orange, it grows largely in some regions of italy. More than [...]

Type II Diabetes: A Worldwide Epidemic

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Type II Diabetes & Nutraceutical Intervention What Caused this Epidemic, and Why is Patient Education Important? Non-insulin dependent Diabetes, or Type II Diabetes, is sometimes referred to as "adult-onset" diabetes. This [...]

Food as Poison, and Food Borne Illnesses

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During holiday occasions, healthy dietary practice is blatantly ignored, regardless of consequence and the often unpleasant aftermath following a traditional holiday meal. A quick example is a Labor Day Barbecue; a lot of people go [...]

Peripheral Neuralgia

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A commonly overlooked cause of extremity pain results from injury to small nerves subsequent to solvent exposure.  Commonly encountered chemicals can cause pathology to develop over the course of months to years.  The nature of [...]

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (HRT): Cancer, Menopause, and Other Medical Risks

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The controversy over hormone replacement risks has been going on for over 3 decades, now. What is uncontroversial, however, are the   seemingly contradictory opinions that arise over the same scientific data.  One month, is good [...]

Diabetes and Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease- Nutraceutical Intervention Update

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Alpha Lipoic Acid:  The incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) in the U.S. is already high, and the rate is climbing rapidly. Medical complications seen in  DM patients include coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular [...]