Mineral Metabolism:   Vanadium – Insulin receptor activity

This is a very important abstract, below.  While a bit on the technical side, it is interesting to understand that there is well understood science behind the use of certain trace minerals in the treatment of diabetes.

This is partialy explains why the use of
‘organic trace minerals’ is so important to general health. The balance
of vanadium and chromium is delicate, and it is dangerous to simply
‘throw’ supplements at a patient and expect anything but trouble.

Both vanadium and chromium are necessary for health,
but too much is toxic. Chromium should be in the ‘polyniccotinate’
salt, not the piccolonate form, that is generally available.

Mehdi MZ, Srivastava AK:
Organo-vanadium compounds are potent activators of the protein kinase B
signaling pathway and protein tyrosine phosphorylation: mechanism of
insulinomimesis. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2005 Aug 15;440(2):158-64.

    Organo-vanadium compounds (OVC) have been shown to
be more effective than inorganic vanadium compounds in ameliorating
glucose homeostasis and insulin resistance in rodent models of diabetes
mellitus. However, the precise molecular mechanism of OVC efficiency
remains poorly defined. Since inorganic vanadium compounds have
been found to activate several key components of the insulin signaling
cascade, such as protein kinase B (PKB), the objective of the present
study was to investigate if stimulation of PKB and its downstream
target glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3), are responsible for the more potent insulinomimetic effects of OVC

NOTE WELL:  In the nutraceutical treatment of diabetes, it is important to recognize that the use of minerals, such as vanadium and chromium can be tricky.  Start slowly, with low dosages of these minerals and increase slowly, or blood sugars can drop too quickly, resulting in dizziness, loss of consciousness and ‘insulin shock.’

One nice side-effect of the use of vanadium & chromium is that insulin levels will down-modulate, resulting in weight loss.

Two products that work well for this are:

  1. ‘Diaxinol’ which is manufactured by Orthomolecular Products, Inc.
  2. Diatain’ which is manufactured by Progressive Nutrient Solutions, Inc.

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