Welcome To Stages of Life

Founded by David S. Klein, MD, Stages of Life Medical Institute focuses on diagnosis first and foremost. Without an accurate diagnosis, therapeutic intervention is destined to be inadequate.

Our purpose and mission is to deliver quality office-based medical services in an unthreatening, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We focus our attention on the diagnosis and treatment of pain, pain-related problems, hormonal dysfunction, and provide other diagnostic services.

Employing a comprehensive or holistic approach, we treat a variety of pain problems, from headache to foot pain, neuritis to colitis, the approach to medical treatment uses a variety of techniques that cross many sub-specialties of medicine.

We draw patients from all over the United States, and we frequently receive patients from overseas.

We currently provide comprehensive medical care in the office setting. As an important part of our practice, we perform related diagnostic and therapeutic services. In addition to treating headaches, facial pain, abdominal and back pain; pain due to cancer, degenerative diseases and trauma, we perform many of our own diagnostic modalities. This expedites treatment, and the result is a much higher quality of care than might otherwise be obtained.

Our Ancillary Diagnostic Modalities

  • EKG (electrocardiogram)

  • PFT (pulmonary function testing)

  • ICG (impedance cardiogram)

  • NCV (nerve conduction velocity testing)

  • Spirometry

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Plesmythmography

  • Physical Medicine

  • Nutraceutical sales.

  • Ethical prescription fulfillment.

We are proud to provide this wide spectrum of services to our patients, and we plan to expand our line of services in future years. We aim to provide quality medical services to patients suffering from pain as well as to patients suffering from the sequelae of degenerative processes and those disorders that result from life.

We are here to provide service to the patient. We are here for them; they are not here to serve us.

Patient satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our successes and failures.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I park? How do I get in the building?

There’s a good-size parking lot to the left of the sanctuary. Park there, and enter through either the side doors or the front door. Fair warning: we have greeters at every door. (Don’t worry, they won’t bite!). The church office door faces the parking lot on the right side of the building.

What do I do with my kids?

When you arrive, someone will be glad to help you find your way to the nursery. Once there, your child can learn and play in a safe, fun, caring environment just a few steps from the sanctuary. Sunday School starts at 9:30 am for preschoolers, children, and youth. During worship service, children ages three and up come to the sanctuary participate in our children's message. Afterward, the youngest kids can go to their worship care rooms while children five and up worship with the rest of us. BTW: Grab a children's worship bag with items that will get the kids involved with the worship service. (Hanging on the wall by the main doors.)

What are the worship services like?

Worship at Augusta Heights is warm and welcoming, and we usually get done in about an hour! We try to be creative and use a variety of elements including old hymns, newer songs, visual displays, and art. Worship is also participatory, with congregational readings, prayers, and singing. Usually we have about 140 people in the worship service.

Is Augusta Heights one of those contemporary warehouse churches?

Not so much. If you grew up Baptist, AHBC will feel pretty normal to you — except for the non-judgmental acceptance of just about everyone.

What’s the dress code?

What dress code? Be yourself. Wear what makes you feel good. Just so you know, neckties and high heels are more the exception than the rule — and are rarely worn together!

Do you make visitors stand up?

Nope. You don’t have to sing either, unless the Spirit moves you. But don’t be surprised if people smile at you or try to chat you up. We can’t help ourselves.

How does Augusta Heights observe the Lord’s Supper?

We practice open table Communion, which simply means that all are welcome to partake. The way we see it, it’s Christ’s table, not ours. Who are we to withhold the Bread of Life?

What's the deal with baptism?

At Augusta Heights, we happily dunk new members who make a profession of faith. (You’ll see the baptistry behind the choir loft.) But we also recognize the baptisms of other traditions. So if you’ve been sprinkled, poured, dunked, or otherwise baptized, you’re welcome to join AHBC – and you don't have to be baptized "our way.” How wet you get is entirely up to you.

Who’s in charge?

Good question. Like all Baptist churches, Augusta Heights is independent, self-supporting, and governed by its own members, who vote on all important decisions. (Like who will serve as deacons, for instance.) Our nine-member board of deacons oversees staff, finances, and other church matters.

David S. Klein


Hours of Opperation

Monday -Thursday : 8:00am – 5:00pm