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Covid-19 "Corona Virus" F.A.Q.

Covid-19 F.A.Q.
  1. What household items should I buy and how much will I need? 

  1.  Laundry detergent, sufficient for routine use for 8 weeks

  2. Dish soap

  3. Rubbing alcohol (2 bottles)

  4. Bleach (2 galon)

  5. Baby wipes

  6. Spray disinfectant (2 bottles)

  7. Thermometer (1)

  8. Bar Soap

  9. Facial Tissues (1 case)

  10. Toilet Tissue (12 rolls)

  11. Plastic kitchen utensils & paper plates

  12. Shelf-stable food supplies, e.g.

    • Spaghetti

    • Canned or bottled sauces

    • Rice, quinoa

    • Powdered milk or shelf-stable milk cartons

    • Hard Cheese

    • Crackers, bread

    • Meat, Fish, Chicken to freeze

    • Canned tuna, salmon

    • Canned vegetables

    • Perishables

    • Canned/jars fruit preserves

    • Fresh fruit & vegetables

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My work is still having us come in during the virus, even though there is a recommendation for self-isolation and many other places are switching to telecommuting. What should I do to protect myself


If you have contact with the public :

  1. Latex gloves (1 box)

  2. Facial masks (1 box)

  3. Sterile hand wipes

If you ARE NOT in contact with the public:

  1. Sterile hand wipes for your computer keyboard

  2. Latex gloves if you use common areas

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I was sick a few months ago. Does that mean I already got the coronavirus? 


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I'm worried about going in for an appointment or emergency and possibly getting the virus while waiting in the waiting room. What can I do to protect myself? 

  1.  Social distancing is the best approach

  2. Get in and out quickly

  3. Minimize your dependence on emergency rooms or urgent centers

  4. Reschedule elective appointments or do what you can do on the telephone

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Is hand sanitizer just as effective as washing your hands?

  1.  No, wash your hands. 

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Why isn't there a vaccine for this yet? 

  1. This is a ‘novel virus.’ 

  2. It takes time to develop a vaccine.

  3. This is not television or the movies, it can take a year or more for a vaccine to pass safety trials. 

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“I feel sick, but I don't know if it’s because I might have the flu or if it’s the Coronavirus” (CoVid-19). What should I do to go get myself tested?

  1.  Influenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus is far more common than is Coronavirus-19. 

  2. Many more people die of influenza every year than do with CoVid-19. 

  3. If you test negative for CoVid-19, which is far and away from the most likely outcome of testing, it leaves many pathogens untested.

  4. Unless you have traditional Medicare, the commercial insurances do not pay for PCR testing of the ‘Respiratory Panel’ most useful for identifying an unknown pathogen.  This testing can cost between $500 and $1500, out of pocket, if you can find a physician who can provide testing.

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