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Foods as Medicine

Is it any wonder that 2/3 of the US population is over-weight?  Is it any wonder that it is a rarity to find an adult who does not suffer from at least one (if not several or more) chronic illnesses?

In order to properly diagnose any problem, solve any puzzle or correct any problem, one has to find the underlying factor that leads to the present situation.  Is it reasonable to assume that nearest explanation is the most logical cause for the problem?  Is it reasonable to ignore the fact that one problem leads to the next, which leads to the next, and so forth?

Life, disease and health results from sequential events and sequential problems that lead to the present manifestation. The body has a remarkable capacity to contain pathology.  Alternative chemical and physiological pathways permits the living organism to adapt to sub-optimal circumstances, and the organism will thrive until just enough of these pathways are damaged or disrupted, and then disease ensues.

My goal is to simplify, to the extent possible, a rational approach to nutritional supplementation, permitting the reader to understand WHY it is necessary to take specific action, based upon age, gender, disease state, familial predisposition to disease and environmental circumstance.

I will start with the basics, work through the process in a systematic, sytems-approach.

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