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Melatonin- Sleep and much more

Sleep Disorder is remarkably common.  For a general idea as to how prevalent this problem might be, simply watch television and count the number of commercials that pop up for prescription sleep medications.

The Problems:

  • Sleep Dysfunction or insomnia is a symptom, not a primary disease state.

  • Without sorting through WHY a person has difficulty sleeping, it is impossible to correct the underlying problem.

  • Taking a medication that is ‘new to nature’ rarely corrects any underlying problem. That is, a medication that is formulated from chemicals that are not native to the organism (human, in this case) cannot by nature correct an imbalance.  Only restoration of the missing piece, chemical or nutrient will restore proper balance.

  • It is unclear, in most cases, which chemical is out of balance or inadequate.

My approach to correcting sleep problems begins with teaching correct sleep habits, but it includes interventions such as L-Theanine, Melatonin, SAMe and colostrum.  I will use 5-HTP, as well, if the clinical situation is appropriate.

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