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Expecting Foot Surgery? An essential if you are recovering from Ankle surgery, reduce recovery time.

Updated: Jan 8

What do you need when you injury your ankle or foot? What do you need if you are having or expecting to have surgery? Less pain during your recovery time.

If you wait until you are being driven home from the hospital, sorting through how you are going to feed yourself, get the mail and function as an adult, you are going to find yourself in trouble. lf you anticipate the need, get this ahead of your scheduled surgery!

Do not wait until the last minute to find the essentials that you need to survive. The surgeons may not be particularly helpful, here. The physical therapists, vocational rehabilitation specialists and family physicians may not be aware of what you need.

The pillow above, is not the only way to keep your foot elevated, but it is extremely practical and cost-effective. Reduce swelling by elevation, protect the foot from blankets and sheet 'pulling your foot the wrong way.'

For acute injury, this includes fracture and surgery, keeping the extremity elevated results in reduced swelling, and reduced pain. Reducing swelling reduces recovery time!

Worth a try, available to be delivered to your door.

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