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Chronic Urinary Tract Infections? An inexpensive trick that may save your life.

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If this sounds a bit dramatic, it really is an understatement of fact!

  • You pay attention to the extra sanitary steps necessary to prevent UTI's. In women, it is time consuming but necessary. You are careful and yet you cannot rid yourself of the interval urinary tract infection.

  • Antibiotic therapy is often necessary to clear things up. The side effects are an expected inconvenience, the expense of time lost from work is an even greater inconvenience.

  • The loss of kidney function that can result with each and every kidney infection is an expense that we cannot afford, and every year, a significant number of persons (mostly women) die of URINARY SEPSIS.

I will share one little trick, in this post. There will be more in the near future.

The problem may have more to do with your laundry than you realize.

In these modern days, when conveniences have become necessities, and the necessities become essentials, we may hardly notice when an obvious problem stares directly at us, in the face!.

We have been sold on a fairy tale that you can adequately kill bacteria and clean clothes without getting the water very hot, or using much detergent or water. Your underwear are simply not getting clean in our 'ENERGY STAR' appliances.

A case in point:

Would you clean old fashioned diapers in your washing machine, with your favorite shirts?

The water cannot get hot enough to damage the bacteria, and the rinse cycle doesn't even get the soap entirely out of your garments.

Take a few pairs of 'clean' underwear, drop them into a near-boiling pot of water, simmer for a few minutes and then see what floats to the surface! Lots of waxy looking material that doesn't look like underwear.

Medical tip to treat chronic UTI's:

It is expensive and nearly impossible to get a non-'Energy Star' appliance, these days. In a sort of twisted way, the environmentalists (of which I may be one) inadvertently make people sick, while feeling good about the way they fouled things up.

Through a bit of trial and error, personal and family need for a solution to the UTI problem, my wife came up with a very easy and incredibly affordable way to put a dent in the problem. It is a simple additive to the laundry that costs no more than a few cents per wash.

Add this to each wash, and the bacteria count on your clothes drops incredibly.

It contains no bleach, it has no scent, and it does not damage the color in your clothing.

Give this a try, it is cheap, easy and 'the doctor told you to do it!'

More suggestions to come. Urinary Tract Infections can be life threatening, and I have a few suggestions for you to use and/or keep around the house until you need them.


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