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Healthy and Tasty Smoothies from the Kitchen of the WMD. Fruit & Vegetable, the 'Birdie Basic.'

We would like to help our patients find a way to introduce themselves to the wonderful world of healthful snacking and simultaneously getting a good dosage of essential carbohydrates (ECH).

Advertised on television, almost 8 to 10 times an hour, "Vegetable and Fruit" supplements are more prevalent now, than ever. Many of these products will cost between $45 and $110 per month. If you want to check out 'Garden of Nature,' you can use this link. I think you can save a significant amount of money and get additional nutritional benefit from doing this one, yourself.

Convenience in a can, capsule or tablet, I think that you can do better, by making your own smoothie in the kitchen or at work. There are a few simple tips from my "WMD." She is not weapon-of-mass-destruction, but more like:

"Wife of the MD."

The WMD, my wife, is better known to the grand children as "BIRDIE." So, for our first of many smoothie recipes, we will start with:

Birdie's Basic Smoothie

1/2 banana (FROZEN)

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt. Sugarless is best

1 cup low fat milk or rice milk

1 cup of frozen fruits and greens, e.g. berries, kiwi, spinach, kale, pineapple, mango

Add a few ice cubes, if your banana or fruit was not frozen.

Use your Ninja TWISTi Blender on high-speed.

It comes out tasty enough for the Doc to enjoy. Like so many men, I would rather clean the gutters than eat Kale, but this smoothie is entirely different.

Note Well: Use frozen fruit, but the frozen banana is what makes it nice and creamy.

David S. Klein, MD, FACA, FACPM

Stages of Life Medical Institute

1917 Boothe Circle

Longwood, Florida 32750


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