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Manuka Honey cough drops for that nasty persistent cough. Another sweet victory for nature.

Tricks of the trade often come from feedback from the Patient. This one is a winner, inexpensive and came from one of my most loyal and pleasant patients!

With its potent antibacterial properties, Manuka honey offers benefits that may improve wound healing, provide cough relief, and many other such claims. Manuka honey is native to New Zealand.

Viral upper respiratory tract infections (URI) will cause nasal congestion and post nasal drip. This will irritate the throat, tonsils, uvula and cause cough. The cough itself can cause sore throat. Using a cough suppressant is sometimes helpful but topical relief can help you get some well-needed rest and do so without causing additional troubles.

Generally, I use Halls Cough and Cold lozenges. They keep well wrapped in my pocket. If left out, the packaging can stick to the lozenge making it harder to use. This makes a good first line OTC product.

One of my patients saw me open one of the Hall's drops, and offered me one of her Manuka products. (Many thanks, if you get a chance to read this.) It changed my approach to self-treatment.

The Manuka lozenge adds a little 'kick' to the process by soothing the throat mechanically and may give you a slight antiviral effect to help things heal. The good news is that they work together. Manuka is made from honey, a very special honey, and has the potential of affecting blood sugar. Diabetics should use with due caution. Neither of these products is addictive, of course, and both are inexpensive.

I buy my cough drops in the large jar, above. With a family with young grand children, somebody is usually a little sick, so we stay well stocked.

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