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  • David S. Klein, MD FACA FACPM

Stud Mix is back! Safe and inexpensive supplement for E.D.

Yes, it took an eternity to get it back, in stock. We can blame the 'supply chain,' but in the end, it really doesn't matter. The more complex the mixture, the more likely that one of the components will be in short supply, or not make it through assay-quarantine. Not all manufacturers assay products, this way, and that is what is of importance to you. An all natural alternative to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, Stud Mix does not have the cardiac risks attached to the prescription products.

Stud Mix: Think of it as 'poor man's Viagra'

I put together this mixture over 15 years ago. It is unlike anything on the market in that it deals with 3 problems that plague most men that are fortunate enough to make it over the age of 40.

As men age, the prostate starts to enlarge. It is not due to testosterone levels, as testosterone levels decrease around 2% per year after the age of 25, or so. The sad truth is that estradiol levels INCREASE year by year until the estradiol level exceeds that of an average woman, and this occurs, oddly, around the age of 40. No surprise that men tend to become a bit more emotional, cry while watching the Hallmark Channel, and cheer the Viagra car while watching NASCAR.

About this time, erectile issues begin, not necessarily from the testosterone decrease, although if you believe the advertisements, you might believe this to be true. More so, ED actually results from age related increase in male estradiol. Acting in some ways as an 'anti-testosterone,' the ratio of Testosterone to estradiol decreases, and along with the elevation in estradiol, erectile dysfunction develops, and libido suffers. A man's estradiol level will exceed that of his wife's level around the age of 45, or younger.

The Quick Fix

This is where Stud Mix comes in. E.D. Treatment without the need for a prescription, and without the heart-risks. Designed to decrease the degradation of testosterone to estradiol, the T/E ratio improves, and so does intimate performance. On top of that, the L-Arginine is helpful as a vasodilator. Well, sometimes a little extra help is a welcome event when a man is under pressure to perform. When combined with phosphodiesterase inhibitors, Stud Mix acts as an enhancer.

Generally, I ask my patients to take 3 capsules an hour or so before bed time. This give the arginine a chance to work, but the balance of the product works overnight to block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol through enzymatic inhibition of Aromatase. The net effect here is restoration of the 'morning erection.' One easy and effective approach to the treatment of E.D.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks, on average, to see the effects most consistently.



  1. If you use you use Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, the Stud Mix may make the 'pill' work better.

  2. If you add Huperzine-A 200-mcg twice daily, the need for the prescription ED meds will decrease. We have pharmaceutical grade Huperzine, and it is very inexpensive.

  3. Take the Stud Mix (3 capsules every evening) regularly. If you keep the estradiol level down, performance follows.

Three month supply Stud Mix (Best Value)

One Month supply Stud Mix


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